Test ImageMC9S12NE64 is a low cost microcontroller with an Ethernet controller, For target board I'm using a Demo9s12ne64 board which by the way is no longer manufactured, but you can still find this board or an equivalent.

Key features

  • Internal Flash 64K
  • Internal RAM 8k
  • Serial Interface - Type I2C, SCI, SPI, I2C, SCI
  • Ethernet MAC (FEC) 10/100 Ethernet, Ethernet
  • A/D Converter - Channels 8

Development environment

  • Cross compiler: GNU 68hc11/12
  • Debugger: GDB
  • Flasher: hcs12mem
  • IDE: Eclipse


You can integrate Gnu-hcs1x tool chain with Eclipse IDE, you can find a great guide here In the documents section there are a general notes addressing the configuration of eclipse.

Installing GNU 68hc11/12 tool chain

For Debian/Ubuntu Linux there's already deb packages

  • gcc-m68hc1x: Cross compiler
  • gdb-m68hc1x: Debugger
  • newlib-m68hc1x: C libraries
  • binutils-m68hc1x: Binary utilities

To install

sudo apt-get install gcc-m68hc1x gdb-m68hc1x newlib-m68hc1x \

Flasher utility

hcs12mem is command line tool for operating on internal HC12/S12 MCU memories EEPROM and FLASH develop by Michał Konieczny. It can:

  • load any program into HC12 RAM and execute it
  • erase, read, write EEPROM, set EEPROM protection
  • erase, read, write FLASH
  • secure/unsecure MCU

Linux install

Download from Sourceforge the letest release; extract and compile

tar xzf hcs12mem-x.y.z.tar.gz
cd hcs12mem-x.y.z
sudo make install